Glass Museum

The Glass Museum, founded in 1861 in Murano, is part of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation. It is in the historic palace Palazzo dei Vescovi di Torcello, a flowery Gothic style building formerly the home of Bishop Marco Giustinian. The rooms contain the most important testimonies on the history of glass and on the glass art of the island.


The Basilica of SS. Maria and Donato

It is one of the main monuments of Byzantine style mixed with Arabic, of maritime Venice; this Basilica, mainly for the characteristic of its external and main apse, is considered the only monument existing in Italy today. Inside stands the beautiful mosaic of the apsidal basin, with the praying Madonna immersed in a golden background.


Church of San Pietro Martire

It was built in 1348 together with a convent of Dominican fathers and was dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. It was erected by the will of Marco Michiel and consecrated on 17 September 1417. A very serious fire destroyed it in 1474 and only in 1511 was it rebuilt as it currently appears. Contains marvellous works. Such as, a work that attributed to Tintoretto, the Baptism of Christ, two works by Giovanni Bellini.